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Distraction & Dissembling

The Guy's and St Thomas' Foundation ("GSTF" or the "Foundation") is a £1billion health charity. But it has reneged on itscommitments and is forcing the tenants of Old Paradise Yard out over Christmas. Instead of engaging meaningfully with us, the Foundation has issued an 'Update' to explain its position. However, it's nothing but an exercise in distraction and dissembling. We won't let the Foundation dodge the three key questions that it doesn't want to answer. Our analysis of the Foundation's Update presents the true picture based on the file of evidence that we have compiled.

The commitments that the Foundation made when applying for planning consent – and which it has now reneged on - are on the record. We have compiled these together with emails and notes of both face-to-face and telephone conversations, to back up what we say in this document.

In the light of this body of evidence, the Foundation’s ‘update’ is a deplorable exercise in distraction and dissembling. Some of its statements appear to be detached from reality.

Below, we analyse the Foundation’s ‘update’, present the true picture based on facts and evidence, and set out the three key questions that the Foundation is desperate to avoid answering.

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