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Please write to them here to tell them to stop the punishment evictions

The Guy's and St Thomas' Foundation (a £1billion health charity) are proposing an enormous office development. The comunity exercised their democratic right to ask for the development to be less damaging and more sustainable. As punishment, the Foundation reneged on their commitment to allow the charities and small businesses based in Old Paradise Yard to remain on site until the development could comence (likely more than a year in the future). As a result, the Foundation is forcing them out over Christmas.

We called the Foundation out and their slick PR machine went into gear, pumping out distraction, dissembling and downright deception. We called that out too!

Now they've changed their story yet again! We've been told that the Foundation are now claiming they need to install mobile imaging units in Old Paradise Yard. That's nonsense. Here's why...

The Foundation stated as part of their planning application that, when the Old Paradise Yard lease expired, it would be extended if the development was not ready to proceed (they already did that in 2019 and should do so again now).

They also said that, when the Oasis Farm's lease expired, they would take the land back. They could put mobile imaging units there (we prefer the Farm but we're just pointing out what the Foundation themselves said).

The Foundation has now reversed that position and admitted privately that the reason is punishment for some (not all) Old Paradise Yard tenants actively calling for moderation of the Foundation's enormous office development.

We called out the Foundation's statement defending thair volte face as a farrago of distraction, dissembling and downright deception.

Having been caught out, the Foundation are now changing their story again and claiming that they need space for mobile imaging units. This is utter nonsense because:

  1. It directly contravenes the commitments on which Lambeth granted provisional planning consent.

  2. The Foundation has caused this situation by doing the reverse of what it promised in the planning process and pursuing a petulant vendetta against Old Paradise Yard.

  3. The Foundation owns a car park adjacent to Old Paradise Yard that has lots of empty space and there is a large quantity of industrial space available for rent within metres of Old Paradise Yard. See photos alongside.

The Foundation are at it again! Breaking promises, changing their story and making things up as they go along.

It's time they started behaving with some decency: they should call off the punishment evictions NOW and enter into good faith negotiations to extend the lease in line with the commitments they have made all along

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