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Enough Is Enough!

Lambeth Council recently approved an oversized and unnecessary office development that will trash irreplaceable public resources, green spaces, heritage buildings and a unique creative enclave… while releasing a tsunami of CO2 into the atmosphere.

In doing so, Lambeth ignored many written objections from local residents, small businesses and community groups, objections from several respected national and international organisations concerned with heritage and the environment, and all 37,000+ (at the time of Lambeth’s meeting) signatories of our petition.

But this is too big a decision for Lambeth, and now it goes to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and possibly the Secretary of State, Michael Gove.

Join the thousands signatures

We’re fed up with greedy developers vandalising public spaces and our heritage,

with profits destined for a tax haven.

Please help us fight for a more sustainable alternative.

It’s time to put people and the planet before profits.

Enough Is Enough!  

Write to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan using or adapating our template.
If you can, make a donation, however small:
it all helps.
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