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The Mayor has the power to overturn Lambeth Council's outrageous decision to approve the Developers' Planning Application.

We need him to act!

Please use (or adapt) the template below to write to the Mayor and tell him how you feel. 


You can use or amend this wording for your email to the Mayor

Email address for Mayor:

Subject of email:

Proposed development of Royal Street Site, South Bank - GLA Application Reference 2022/0364 - Objection and request for call-in 

Text of email:

Dear Mr Khan

I am writing to urge you to call in this Application (approved by Lambeth Planning Applications Committee in December 2022) so that the more sustainable option already on the table can be adopted.

The Application would damage heritage assets, vital public resources and the environment. Several respected national and international institutions have objected to the Application, together with 102 local residents and over 38,000 petition signatories (

The Developers propose five huge tower blocks, 1.6 sq m in total, with the largest single office development ever seen in Lambeth. These would loom over Archbishop’s Park, blocking out the sky and creating a sense of enclosure.

The proposed development would have a potentially significant negative impact on the physical and especially mental wellbeing of residents and other Londoners arising from the degradation and loss of precious heritage assets, public green spaces, and the opportunities for education and recreation in the unique space of Old Paradise Yard, in a collection of 1847 school buildings which would be destroyed.


The Developers plan to demolish and rebuild – rather than re-purpose – most of the existing buildings, releasing a tsunami of CO2 into the environment.

In approving this Application, Lambeth ignored a less harmful and more sustainable alternative proposed by their own Planning Dept in their January 2022 Site Allocations report.

The Kinks sang “As long as I gaze on Waterloo Sunset I am in paradise”. Please call in this unnecessary and damaging Application and give the more sustainable alternative a chance to Save Waterloo’s Paradise.

Sign-off: please include your name and your postcode, especially if you are in Lambeth

Join the thousands signatures and help us fight for a more sustainable alternative.
If you can, make a donation, however small:
it all helps.
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